Piarist Outreach

Piarist Outreach completes the mission of the school. The complement of our academic endeavors, Outreach connects those in need here in Eastern Kentucky with the help offered by others throughout The United States. Outreach is led by Mrs. Audrey Collins.

Throughout the year, numerous benefactors send gifts of clothing, canned food, school supplies, Christmas gifts and other items needed here in Appalachia. The school provides the school supplies to the students and Mrs. Collins works with numerous churches and local social service organizations to distribute the food and clothing to the needy.

Each year the Outreach Program, through the aid of numerous groups, provides Christmas gifts to underpirviledged children from three different counties. This program is expanding each year.

The school also hosts a number of volunteer groups who come to Eastern Kentucky in order to repair and paint houses, build wheelchair ramps and complete other projects as needed. These volunteers are usually housed at The Oddfellows Youth Camp in Prestonsburg, KY which Mrs. Collins serves as the volunteer caretaker.

Perhaps the most telling facet of our Outreach Program is the number of parishes and volunteers wanting to work with the school from around the country. Numerous parishes contact Mrs. Collins to coordinate donations, be it supplies for the people of this area, our students or time and effort from the parishioners who travel to this area and work hands on with the people we serve. The Piarist School Outreach Program could not exist without the generosity of these wonderful people from around the country. The Piarist School believes this church interaction to be integral to the accomplishment of our mission in Kentucky.


Our former Athletic Director, Theresa Kelly, started our participation in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) in the spring of 1997, and in the Three Rivers Conference the following fall. Since then our school has fielded teams in such sports as Softball (1997), Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf and Track and Field (2001), Soccer (2006), and most recently Volleyball.

Our present athletic director is Kevin Tackett and the school fields teams in middle school and high school Volleyball and Men’s and Women’s high school basketball.


Some of the most popular activities at the school are the Academic Team, Science Olympiad, Drama Club, and Chess Club. Students are free to begin their own clubs and activities, with a faculty sponsor, such as Knights for Christ, our popular Christian prayer organization.

National Honor Society

The school recognizes outstanding students by inviting them to join the NHS. ¬†You can view our school’s constitution here.