Piarist Outreach Mission

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2015 was very big year for us. As you know, we had to move our school from the building we had occupied since the 1990’s. After a long and uncertain process, we acquired an old alternative school in Johnson County that was in major disrepair. With the new school year looming, we had a strict deadline to meet to get the school ready for students and faculty. There was no way this would have happened without the amazing contributions of several groups who traveled to eastern Kentucky to help us repair and build classrooms, offices, and the outreach area.

We would like to acknowledge the tireless work of Helping Hands Christian Missions from Indiana. 2015 was their 10th year of working with us, and I cannot say enough how much we value their friendship. Multiple people from the mission helped move the school to its new location in addition to putting in many hours doing construction and repair at the new school. Each year, they also buy and deliver over 200 Christmas presents for children living below the poverty line in our area, as well as bringing a truckload of turkey from Purdue Farms to be distributed to various families in need.

The Church of the Resurrection from Rochester, MN continued their yearly mission trip to help move the school from its old location, while also contributing countless hours to the construction of the new school, as well as building a ramp for a family in need and a porch and railing for another family. This was their 6th year of helping the families in eastern KY and we look forward to many more years of cooperation and help.

We also welcomed back St. Paul of the Cross from Columbia City, IN for their sixth year of help to our mission. They worked tirelessly to construct rooms in the school’s new location, while generously doing any projects that sprang up.

This year we welcomed four new groups: Most Holy Trinity from Wallingford, CT; St. Dominic Church from Bremen, IN; Holy Spirit at Geist from Fischers, IN; and St. Mary of False River from New Roads, LA. All of these groups generously donated their efforts to replace tile, paint rooms, fixing ceilings, building the cafeteria, and any other project that allowed us to finally move into the new school location.  Holy Spirit at Geist also purchased emergency gifts for the outreach Christmas drive for families in need.

We could not have hoped to achieve our move or any of our outreach work without the help of these groups and more.

Speaking of the Christmas Drive, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who generously donated their time, funds, and gifts to allow over 600 children in need to have a Christmas. Thank you Helping Hands Christian Missions for the purchase and delivery of 200 gifts and a ton of turkey.

Thank you to St. Alberts the Great of Louisville, KY who purchased over 200 gifts for the Christmas Drive. Their help every year is integral to our work.

St. Patrick’s of Havanna, IL and Immaculate Conception of Manito, IL worked together to provide over 200 gifts for the drive. This marks another year in a long friendship between the Piarist School and these parishes.

St. Michael’s of Greenville, PA held yard sales and raised money for the John Shearer Foundation in order to purchase gifts for families in need in eastern KY.  Words cannot express our gratitude for all of those who participated in the raising of these funds.

Our Lady of the Assumption from Strafford, PA purchased over 100 gifts for the Drive and their help was much appreciated and needed.

A final thank you to the Holy Spirit at Geist from Fischers, IN for stepping up and provided emergency gifts for over a hundred kids when their original donor could not follow through. We were so thankful for their generosity and grace.

Our mission would not be possible without the generous donations and help that we receive from mission groups and parishes. Our thanks can never be enough.