Piarist Outreach Christmas Program

The Piarist Outreach Program has worked for over 20 years providing clothing, household items, emergency home repairs, school supplies, and more to the families in eastern KY. One of the most important parts of the Outreach Program is the Christmas Drive. Outreach Director Audrey Collins has been working for months with local agencies, local families, and schools across the surrounding five counties to gather names of children living below the poverty line who would not otherwise receive a store bought gift. The project is massive and takes a lot of planning and help from volunteers across the country to carry out.

This year, over 600 kids in the area will be receiving two store bought gifts delivered to them by Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Mrs. Collins herself. Volunteers include parishes and organizations from across the country who tell Collins how many kids for which they can purchase gifts. Mrs. Collins then organizes lists of kids, along with their wants and clothing sizes, to give to each organization. She then must cross-reference each list with the donations as they come in, making sure that no child is left out. After this, she organizes each list of hundreds of kids into deliveries by stop. Over the years, she has become a regular fixture in the hollers and with the families of the area. She has stated often that while the joy on the children’s faces when they see Santa is a glorious thing to behold, she is often drawn to the emotional faces of the mothers during the deliveries.

Currently presents are being bought and shipped by volunteers across the country. The Outreach Program’s Christmas Drive is in full swing.  We will post pictures of the preparations and deliveries when they occur later next month.