Letter from a Volunteer on the Impact of the Piarist Outreach Program

The following is a letter from the Youth Minister of  St. Paul the Cross on the impact of their mission trip to eastern KY to work with the Piarist Outreach Program. 


I first came to the Piarist Outreach Mission Trip in 2010 as a senior in high school. We worked on a lady named Mary’s house, completely re-doing her living room, working on her roof, and building a ramp for her. Not only did we give Mary a level floor and solid walls for her living room, we got to know Mary as a person. We heard about her love of family, devotion to Jesus and sadness over the drug epidemic. From Mary, I learned what it means to share your love of Jesus with others and give generously. Even though Mary didn’t have much, she insisted on making us lunch and giving us some of the knick-knacks from her house. Her spontaneous generosity shocked and inspired me. When I became Youth Minister in 2012, I immediately scheduled us to return.

This year was my 5th year returning as Youth Minister.

Not only are my teens inspired by the faith and generosity of those we serve, but I am renewed each year by the devotion of Ed and Audrey for the Outreach Program and hospitality at the camp, and the generosity and gratitude of those we help.


Stephanie Hamilton

Youth Director,

St Paul of the Cross