A Letter from Father Tom

Dear Friends

I have started my letters to “friends” in many different places such as the rectories of parishes that I am visiting, picnic tables at rest stops along some interstate highway or maybe in my recliner at home, but never as I am giving an entrance exam. While the hopeful young person is filling in a bunch of circles, I am starting this letter. This is the first Saturday in June and the last Saturday that I will be in Kentucky until September.

The appeal season is in full swing now. I just finished three consecutive weekends which took me to Providence, RI, Baton Rouge, LA and southeastern Minnesota. At the beginning of May, I had four new tires put on my minivan. After the Minnesota trip, Ed, who is in charge of maintenance, took my minivan in for an oil change and to have the tires rotated. The mechanic at Wildcat Tires, who put on the new tires in May, told Ed, he must have made a  mistake when he recorded the mileage because the odometer now shows that my minivan had been driven over 7,000 miles in the last month. Ed assured him that he hadn’t made a mistake and that I did indeed drive the minivan over 7,000 miles since the new tires were put on.

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