New School News

New website for the Piarist School

As many of you know, the Piarist School will be moving to a new location in 2014. Major rennovations must be completed on the purchased building before the school is able to relocate. Teaming up with Absolute Video, the Piarist School has produced a new webpage that discusses the Piarist Fathers’ mission in Appalachia, the school and the good that is done throughout the community. All donations can be made directly fromthe page through Paypal. Please take a moment to look at and pass along the website: Piarist Father’s Appalachian Mission.


Preliminary plans for the new Piarist School are now available online.

Preliminary plans have been developed and created for the new location of the Piarist School.

Plans for the gymnasium can be found here.

Plans for the interior of the School may be viewed here.


Piarist School to move to West Prestonsburg in 2014.

The Piarist School has purchased a new building in West Prestonsburg near Archer Park and is currently raising money for rennovations of the inside. The School will be moving its location to this new building starting the 2014-2015 school year. We are very excited about this opportunity as the new building will provide the School with 10,000 more square feet in space than we currently have.